So, I wrote a new poem…

Wow. So almost 3 days ago (it was about 7pm at night) I recorded a Facebook LIVE of me doing a poem I had JUST written. I just needed to speak it, it needed to be out. It was like my body was burning every second I kept it inside.
It’s now had almost 5,000 views and over 60 shares…I am blown away and deeply grateful, and I wanted to share it with all of you too.

So this is how it happened: It had begun pouring into me around midday when I was driving to meet a dear friend for chai. It was coming in so fast I was having to memorise every line before the next one hit me. In the end, I said out loud “Look! If you want me to have this poem, you’re going to have to wait. I’m busy!” (A technique I learned from the incredible TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert)
Later It started pouring in again while I was on the toilet at the cafe. I ran back to the table, jotted it down and once again reminded it that it wasn’t good timing. Please wait till I was ready.

I left the cafe and drove home, by the time I was at my computer it was pouring into me. Line by line. Whole paragraphs.

I wrote it all down… Looked over it, rearranged a few parts and there it was. Done.

Then I recorded this:

I hope you enjoy it, there is a bit of a pre-ramble at the beginning as I didn’t expect it to be something to go beyond my inner circles, but I really hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed writing it. (Or perhaps it wrote itself through me… who knows with witchcraft) 

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