A 12-Week Spoken Word Course

Feb-April 2024, Melbourne, Vic
Aug-Oct 2024, Melbourne, Vic

Private Coaching

Stage Fright - Talks - Presentations - Speeches - Spoken Word - Performance - Stage Presence - Video Calls - Instagram/Facebook Live Videos - Communication - Writing - Creative performance - Difficult Conversations


Private coaching sessions are run remotely via Zoom and run for 45 minutes to an hour.


Single Session – $150
4 Sessions – $550
6 Sessions – $800
8 Session – $1000

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I’ve sat in silence for a long time, fear stricken at the thought of speaking my words to public.

I said yes and decided to show up.

Fleassy is a wonderful host, facilitator, communicator, her authenticity is palpable.

Lynda Rooth

Student, SpeakUp - Spoken Word and Public Speaking program

“We were dealing with people who were uncomfortable communicating online, didn’t want to participate in online meetings, etc.

Her approach was exactly what our community needed, someone who was authentic. I highly recommend this workshop and Fleassy Malay. Her energy, approach and delivery are all excellent.

Steph Neoh

Art Curator, Banyule City Council

“This woman is phenomenal. I feel a new level of confidence and opening.

It’s making me so happy and when I teach my class I have this empowered, authentic state of holding space for my students.

I encourage all my friends to work with her.”


Yoga Teacher, Steppe Yoga

RISE – Speaker Training

An online group mentorship program for authentic & embodied public speaking.

Captivate Your Audience

Transform Your Relationships

Speak Your Truth

Live a Courageous Life

Intake for RISE – Speaker Training is closed.
If you are interested in this program, please join the mailing list below and you will hear when this course re-opens.

Talks and Presentations

Fleassy Malay offers talks and interactive presentations both online and in-person to groups and organisations. She has presented for TEDx Melbourne, multiple Victorian council bodies, Thorne Harbour Health, as well as organisations that focus on women and LGBTQI+ people.

Their talks and presentations take a courageous an honest approach to public speaking, and empowerment through voice. Fleassy’s topics touch on the large social issues and the close and personal influences that stifle our voices whilst also offering clear tools and actions points that lift and inspire all audiences.

Available talk topics:
– Public Speaking and the fear of being seen
– The Courageous Voice – Reclaiming voice as marginalised communities
– Prosopagnosia/face-blindenss: Choosing connection in a disconnected world
– Going Virtual: building online communities around art and business

All talks are crafted and adapted to suit each audience and go from 45 to 90 minutes.