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Written in 2017 and recorded in 2018 by Fleassy Malay, this poem is a cry of strength and resistance for women across the world. Filmed and produced by Damien Jordan and Ian MacKenzie with Uplift Connect for International Women’s Day 2018, the poem went viral with over 3.5 million views on Facebook.

This poem has gone on to become a defining piece not just for Fleassy but for women around the globe who have used it in performances, protests, and for burlesque and dance as a way to reclaim their voices, sexualities, and their ability to say “No”.

The Gender Poem

The Gender Poem

Live – Fierce-Gentle – Melbourne Fringe 2023


Thriving is a poem written alongside women living with HIV, Positive Women Victoria, and ViiV Healthcare.

The video was screened in Fed Square for World Aids Day 2023

For The Ones Stuck At Home

Written and filmed during the Melbourne 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown, this piece was produced by Damien Jordan and Fleassy Malay and funded by a Banyule City Council Quick Response Arts Grant.

This poem speaks to the varied and difficult experiences that Melbournians faced during this time, and touches on mental health, domestic violence, and the day to day struggles of people caught up in a global pandemic. It was filmed under restrictions, with social distance, on her daily walks.


Written in response to the horrific rates of femicide and violence against women in Australia, this poem is a battle cry of strength and resilience. Written in 2018 when 63 women were killed in one year, more than one a week, in domestic and gender based violence. This video was filmed and produced by Damien Jordan and Fleassy Malay and featured women who attended the 2018 Seven Sisters Festival in Victoria.

Reason To Dream




Hex The Patriarchy: An Adult Colouring Book For Depressed Witches

Illustrated through the Melbourne lockdowns of 2021 this NSFW, feminist, colouring book features illustrations of mandalas and affirming statements.

Designed to support mental health, this colouring book is dedicated to “the girls, the gays, the them’s and the they’s, the women, the witches, the babes and the b*tches, and those of us who would once have been burned at the stake just for living our truth in the world.”

This colouring book contains adult imagery and is not suitable for children.

Virago: A Poetic Manifesto

Both a collection of poetry and a queer, feminist, manifesto; Virago is the second poetry book by Fleassy Malay.

Fleassy beautifully navigates the complex and nuanced landscape that is both the deeply personal and the innately political experience of being a woman.

As a collection of poetry, it offers a reflective and vulnerable insight into love, sex, mental health, grief and motherhood. As a manifesto, it is a fierce call to action for women, a reclamation of courage and vulnerability as strength, and a beacon of light in the darkness of a system that often forgets and silences so many.

Sex and God

A collection of poems which touch on the devotional, the erotic and the grey areas around and in between. This book offers the reader a tender insight into the author’s sexual and spiritual life, whilst also offering up the musings of her curious and delicate heart. Fleassy Malay is renowned as a powerful Spoken Word poet and this book gives a gorgeous opportunity to witness more of her page focused works, many have not been recited or previously published elsewhere. This book contains adult content.  

Bodhicatva - A Children's Book

Bodhicatva is a simple yet touching story of a cat who smiles. It teaches the readers about deep inner peace and love, the kind of joy which goes beyond the external situation and shines on through no matter what we are faced with. This book is aimed at 0-4 years olds but is a sweet simple read for people of all ages. In Buddhist traditions a Bodhisattva is a being who through deep compassion has reached enlightenment for the benefit of all human beings. It is also said that it is a being who when reaching enlightenment chose not to ascend but to stay in this realm for the sole purpose of teaching the path. So Bodhicatva is a Bodhisattva … in the form of a cat.