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Fleassy Malay’s first book of poetry, Sex and God, is a delicate and erotic insight into her inner world. An exploration of the deep¬†longing of human nature it contains a myriad of poems on the themes of erotic and devotional and the beautiful gray areas in between. The poems themselves are ordered to take you through an emotional wave mimicking the inner journey of relationships.

Self-published in 2017, cover photography by Stitch L’Ilalu

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Sex and God is a small beautiful, paperback collection of poetry self-published 1st June 2017. All content is copyright of Elise Maynard and Fleassy Malay.

This book is currently out of stock at the artists supply but it can be ordered from bookstores, both local and online.

1 review for Sex and God – Poetry Book

  1. Jason B.R. Maxwell

    Mmmm… a joy to read, full of elegant longing, memoir and magic. With a certain mastery of the line break, the experience of god in the sexual and orgasmic state drives the whole book, page after page. My favorites were the raw animal heights-of-howl in “the wolf,” and the sensual flowing desire in “Morning Ache.” Yet there are so many exotic places, romantic places, even quirkiness and hiaku-esk ‘ahhh’ moments. Yep, this book just calls you to read it, like in bed, preferably aloud to a lover with candles…

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