“Moist” Enamel Pin


Enamel pin 3.5cm wide depicting the word “Moist”.

These gorgeous pins and been created due to popular demand on my Facebook page. <3

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Moist Enamel Pin!
These pins are an absolute hit, I LOVE them!
Black enamel and gold coloured metal they look classy AF on any outfit (I have mine on my hat).

A snippet from my original “Moist” rant on Facebook, that got you all hungry for these pins:

“It got me thinking how moist (which makes most people uncomfortable because of its bodily connotations right!?!) is yet another term which is related to being a woman (and a woman in pleasure) that has been socialised out of our language.

Heads up I’m having to censor my use of language here else this post will be red flagged.

The C word – A word that describes part of our anatomy is considered the most horrific word a woman can say…yet men can throw it around all they like and it’s considered “cheeky” or acceptable.

Pu$$y – A word that describes a part of our anatomy that now means someone is being weak or pathetic.

Bitch – The actual name for a female dog.

There are so so so many more.
You know what… I don’t see a gross visceral response when I use the term “hard” … even if I say with intense innuendo in me voice…I hear laughing, winks, and playfulness.
So after our lovely chat yesterday I’ve decided I’m reclaiming the word Moist.

Now I’m going to use it as a positive descriptor for incredible things as often as I can because f*k having more amazing terms about my anatomy turned into negative slurs.

That cake is so moist.
The air is beautifully moist.
Look at the garden this morning, all the plants are gloriously moist.
Mmm this party is so Moist!!

Also reclaiming:

Fleassy – Your moist friend.”

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Pink Enamel with Black Metal, Black Enamel with Gold Metal


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