The Recap: Two months ago something rather incredible happened. I was awarded a place on the first ever Poetry Slam team to represent Australia in the National Poetry Slam, USA.
The team consisted of myself, John Englezos, RikTheMost, and wāni. plus our coach Benjamin Solah. The whole of Melbourne (or at least it felt like it) united in one giant fundraising adventure and $11,000 were raised to send us, Team Slama, to Denver, Colorado.

The Lowdown: We will be competing against approximately 80 other teams from all around the states. Each of those team members has had to go through a rigorous selection process which involves a series of competitive slams throughout the last year. In short, they’re good. They’re really good.

Unfortunately for us as a team, one of our members, wāni, has had to pull out last minute due to some seriously needed self-care, so our coach Benjamin has stepped in to replace him.

So last night, John, Rikthemost, and I all arrived at our temporary pad in Denver and reunited with Coach Benjamin ready for this coming week’s worth of adventures.

Now, I’m not renowned for my prolific blogging skills, however, I have decided to commit to blogging this journey as well as I can. It may be daily. It may be just a few posts. Either way, I am going to do my best!

SO if you want to keep up with what I am doing in Denver and how our first-time competition team fares, follow me on Facebook (, or Instagram (@FleassyMalay) as I will be photo-blogging my journey and keep your eyes peeled for these blog posts.

The competition doesn’t begin until tomorrow, and our first bout is on Wednesday night (which we will LIVE STREAM via the Slamalamadingdong Facebook Page (link) ) so today was all about bonding. (How sweet!). A quick visit to the epic “Red Rock Amphitheatre” and an afternoon in Boulder watching street performers and hula hooping, we are now settled down back at our pad for a gentle evening before a very very big week begins.
Enjoy some pictures of our day and I look forward to the next installment.