“We will not come quietly”

Witches – Fleassy Malay

“Woman, I am drawn to you like oceans to the moon”

Northern Lights – Fleassy Malay

“Spoken Word has

the capacity to unite people”

Campaign Interview – Fleassy Malay

“With just a small spark of inspiration

forest fires can spread

so damn quickly”

Word Forests – Fleassy Malay

“Fill my salad bowl up

with petals and leaves

and march forth and through

these city streets.”

Reason To Dream – Fleassy Malay

“When I can see my strength

in your eyes

Only Then will it be right “

Only Then – Fleassy Malay

“My Bible is built

of Earth and Stone

and the words are written in a page

compiled of Flesh and Bone.”

Yaku Ginger – Fleassy Malay