Fleassy Malay

& The Blurred Lines

Fleassy Malay

& The Blurred Lines

“A rainbow isn’t actually seven colours,
In fact it is mostly blurred lines
and then there are the edges you can’t see.
I’m always concerned that I am the edges
no one sees.”

– Fleassy Malay – The Gender Poem

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Experience the unique fusion of spoken word poetry and music with Fleassy Malay and The Blurred Lines, where thought-provoking lyrics meet haunting melodies and a touch of sass. The group is fronted by Fleassy Malay, a powerful performer whose spoken word pieces delve into themes of feminism, queerness, love, and sensuality. Fleassy’s words are often tender, raw, and thought-provoking, imbued with a playful wit and infectious humour. Delivered with sincerity, they captivate the audience and foster a feeling of unity and connection among listeners.

The Blurred Lines provide a musical backdrop to Fleassy’s poetry, adding depth and emotion to the performance. A fusion of velvety vocals coupled with guitar, and clarinet, creating a haunting and ethereal soundscape that complements Fleassy’s words perfectly.

In a world where the boundaries between art forms are becoming increasingly blurred, Fleassy Malay and The Blurred Lines stand out as a shining example of what can be achieved when different forms of expression are combined. They offer a powerful and entertaining reminder of the importance of art as a means of communication and a tool for change.

 The development of this project was funded in 2022 by a “Sustaining Creative Workers Grant” From Regional Arts Victoria


About the artists

Two times TEDx Speaker and viral poet, Fleassy Malay, is renowned for their fierce-gentle approach to poetry. The work explores their experience as a queer person, a woman, a mother, and a lover whilst making cutting observations on the systems within which they live. Fleassy has performed Spoken Word internationally for over 15 years and won various awards and accreditations.

Rory McDougall, a skilled multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, draws the words and melodies out through groove driven and grounded guitar based melodies that produce both an atmospheric and enchanting quality to the tracks. Rory is also the Bassist of acclaimed Melbourne band, Dane Blacklock and the Preachers Daughters.

The Full Band
The full band is made up of a series of different musicians depending on availability.
In the past the band has included the following instruments at various times: Clarinet, Obo, Bassoon, Double Bass, Drums, Piano

A Poem For The

Ones Stuck At Home.

Written, recorded and released during the 2021 Melbourne lockdowns; this touching poem and emotive musical landscape speaks to the experiences of many
over the past few years.

Funded by a Banyule City Council
Quick Response Arts Grant.

Virago: A Poetic Manifesto

The project is based around poetry and spoken word written by Fleassy Malay.

Virago: A Poetic Manifesto (2020) has been the starting point for the majority of the tracks in this collaboration.

The book was funded via crowdfunding hitting over 200% of the target ( raising $15K) with pre sales across 4 continents.


A stunning love song with intricate sections of spoken word, this track was the first collaboration between Rory McDougall & Fleassy Malay.

An international collaboration, the audio was composed and recorded in Naarm, Australia and the video was completed in collaboration with a videographer in Wales, UK.


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