Remember that time when you got love poems whispered into your ear delicately? Remember that moment you stepped up on the final performance and shared a poem to a group of people? …the buzz, the JUICE of it all?

In SpeakUP 1 we began to grasp the concepts of authentic stage presence, of being seen and speaking our words vulnerably

Verse 2 is designed to deepen and enhance your stage presence. Embody your inner characters and master the art of Storytelling through learning to “build worlds” whilst still remaining honest, grounded and connected to your words.

Who is it for?

Verse 2 is a special course only available to participants who have already completed the full 6-week SpeakUP program. It is perfect for students wanting to make a bigger impact and become more versatile and dynamic in their body and stage presence.

Are you ready to step up your Speak UP?

Welcome back into the beautiful arms of Speak UP and join us for the next round of VERSE 2.

“I met myself on stage and she was glorious. Thank you a million times”

Bel Wilson

Course Participant

What to Expect
Begin to take your audiences on deep and profound journeys with your words, voice, and body.  Learn how to draw a character up and out of yourself in a smooth and connected way whilst holding the integrity of your heart. Use your body to build worlds and spark the imagination. Step up your performance and stage presence by going deeper into and then BEYOND the central position and really beginning to master the magic of being a storyteller. Culminating in a final performance on week 6.

Upcoming Course Details

Feb 21st to March 28th – Wednesday nights 6:30pm9:30pm – Venue TBA – Melbourne Northern Suburbs.

PRICE FULL PRICE $495, $445 cons

(payment Plans available upon request)
EARLY BIRD PRICE! (early bird prices are now closed)

We ask for a non-returnable deposit of $80 for the course to secure your place.
There is no Trial Day option for VERSE 2.