In a world where women’s sexuality has been beaten, stripped away, and then sold back to us, there is a profound strength in a woman speaking her desires.

However, the act of saying out loud, or even writing out on paper, what we crave, and hunger in our intimate connections (with others or ourselves) can be a petrifying experience, let alone allowing ourselves to be witnessed in that.

SpeakUP SEXY is a gentle and guided weekend immersion where women come together and explore not only what we want to say, but are held and encouraged to SAY it. Using the Spoken Word artistic format we will write pieces which touch on the erotic, sexual, sensual, and strong… we will get fiery, we will get tender, we will explore in a safe space different aspects of our sexual desires. From here we will begin to move these words through us.

The course has been Postponed

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“I met myself on stage and she was glorious. Thank you a million times”

Bel Wilson

Course Participant, Speak Up

What to Expect

The SpeakUP SEXY weekend culminates in a “Poetry Lap-Dance” type performance where we will each invite a single witness, who we trust to hear us in our desires, and speak our pieces DIRECTLY to that one person in an intimate and private space.

There is NO nudity or actual sexual contact involved in this process. This is a weekend all about YOU speaking what YOU desire.

This course is a WOMEN IDENTIFYING ONLY  and is perfect for anyone who has previously worked with Fleassy Malay, in Speak UP as well as complete beginners.

This course has been postponed.

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