How often has shame or fear held you back from speaking?

When we speak with courage, vulnerability and a fierce-gentle strength the world opens up to us.
Relationships deepen. Business benefits. Audiences are captivated.

You don’t HAVE to be an “extrovert”, a “performer” or a trained actor to rock the stage with presence and power. You can be a captivating speaker and a profound communicator without pretending, faking it or “trying”.

This one-day class with 2x TEDx Speaker, Viral Poet and Courageous Voice coach, Fleassy Malay, will enable you to step more courageously into your voice, speak your truth and take up the space you deserve.

– Captivate Your Audiences
– Speak Your Truth
– Transform Your Business & Relationships


“Who is it for?”

This workshop is perfect for people who are looking to level up in their public speaking skills in an authentic way.

For first time speakers or seasoned performers, this class will give you a whole new insight into your relationship to speaking.

Whether you are looking to take the TEDx stage by storm, connect deeper with your friends and loved ones, or wanting to nail Facebook LIVE videos for your online followers, this one-day class will take you through some of the core principles not only on what holds us back but how we can transform our relationship to speaking.

This class does NOT give you a 5 step, “tools and techniques” on how to act like a confident speaker.

This call DOES give you deep insight into your own relationship with the stage, with your words, your worth and your capacity to make a profound difference when you speak.

This is about making life long change, taking off the masks you hide behind and letting yourself be FULLY seen and embraced by the world.

“What we will be doing?”

The one-day class will be a mix of both practical and theory work. There will be group discussions, and opportunities to speak and develop your speaking skills in a safe and encouraging environment.

“I have stage fright or have never performed before. I think I am too afraid… will it be to much for me?”
I have spent the past 6 years working with people who feel this way. The truth is, the fear will never go away, unless you take well crafted opportunities, like this, to confront and transform that fear. None of the exercises are compulsory and you can step back at any time. This is a Judgement free space.

“Are these classes LGBTQI+ inclusive?”

Yes. Very much so. I am a queer person myself and I will do my utmost to ensure a non-judgemental and inclusive environment for people of all gender and sexual identities.

Date: June 1st
Times: 10am to 5pm (Light Lunch and snacks provided)
Venue: TBA – Somewhere in the Byron/Mullumbimby area.
Price: $180 for the full day ($150 Earlybird before May 16th)