January 26, 2018 11:15 pm

Come join us at the Rainbow Poetry Jam! An evening of passionate, powerful, vulnerable and honest spoken word woven amongst insights into the profound effect spoken word can have on both the individual and community at large.
Bring a piece of poetry, prose, rap or spoken word and jump up on the open mic, or sit back and soak in the power of hearts well spoken.
All gender identities welcomed on the stage.

Friday night, 11.15pm at The Cocoon in The Village

Fleassy Malay is an Internationally renowned, evocative and powerful spoken word artist from the UK. Now based in Melbourne, Australia, she runs Melbourne‚Äôs acclaimed Women’s Spoken Word event, Mother Tongue. A passionate, powerful, vulnerable and honest performer who’s words and courses leave a profound impression.

Mother Tongue as an event has been inspiring women and people in general to step up and share their stories for over 5 years now. It is renowned for being a space for profound honesty, inspiration and entertainment whilst also remaining deeply supportive to new voices and first-time speakers.

As a speaker, Fleassy Malay initiates a permission in everyone who witnesses her, an invitation to live more authentically and courageously themselves.
Whereas her poetry topics often center around her personal experiences as a woman, a mother, her queer identity, eroticism and spirituality she most consistently confronts the profound power of living courageously and with authenticity.

In 2017 she published her book of poetry, Sex and God, performed both interstate and internationally and was awarded the honor of becoming the first women to represent Australia at the National Poetry Slam, Denver, Colorado.