November 1, 2017 12:00 am


Do you find yourself stressed, burnt out..and just.. so.. TIRED?!

Are you ready to re-awaken your self-love and rekindle your soul fire?

Courageously ME is a 30-day Program to bust negative self-talk, rekindle your flames of self-worth and re-empower your life.

Sign Up, Drop In and Shine again.


Facilitated by Fleassy Malay and Kellie Curtis

Earlybird price only $45 (until September 18th)

This course sets you up with everything you need to develop:
♥ A clear sense of Self Worth
♥ A deep relationship with your own needs, wants and desires
♥ Stress-free self-care
♥ An encouraging and supportive community

More information and to sign up:


The Courageously Me: 30 Days of me program will begin on July 1st and run for the full month of July.

Once you register you will receive a Welcome email from me within 24 hours.

The first-course email will begin on July 1st and there will be 4 LIVE group calls, video content as well as the crucial online community of women moving through the journey with you..

This is the fifth round of Courageously ME. Which means we have been listening to feedback and evolving the prgram as we learn so this means you get the extra-special added bonus as well as Fleassy Malay AND Kellie Curtis live each week in our private facebook group.

Fleassy and Kellie she will be journeying along side you and our online community, sharing our human up and downs as we go, we need this as much as you do.


This super duper 30-day program is at an excruciatingly affordable price of $55 (AUD)(aprox £28/$34 (USD)

JOIN US. Become your highest priority and SHINE.


Courageously ME is a guided 30-day online program for women who feel like their light has gone dim. Whether you are a sleep deprived mother, an overworked, career focused entrepreneur or a worn out student this course will provide you with tools to reconnect and rekindle your courageous SHINE. This program will involve the use of Facebook so please make sure you have an active account before registering.
This is an internationally friendly course as although all live calls are made in AET they will be recorded and accessible throughout the course.


♥ 30 Days of daily self-care courage tips direct to your inbox
♥ The #30daysofme self-care challenge (a short daily self-care commitment challenge)
♥ 4 LIVE group Courageously ME video calls with the one and only, Fleassy Malay and the gorgeous Kellie Curtis
♥ A dedicated community of women just like you
♥ Accountability and support via access to a PRIVATE group
♥ Little Bonus Treats and more…


“I’ve felt a change in my psyche over the last week, so much that myself and my partner can’t really believe the difference.”
Jenn McConnell Gauci – end of week one

“The power of women, coming together, being vulnerable and
opening their hearts is incredible”
Claire Bradshaw – Courageously ME Participant

” I’ve become more aware of myself. And a better listener to myself. Sometimes I need to stop. Sometimes I need to go. And its the clarity to know which is which.”
Pearl Taylor

“Each time I have been on this journey, I have unraveled more and more of myself, while meeting some beautiful, courageous, heartful women. Thank you for creating this loving trusting space and for your daily dose of wisdom.”
Anisha Lamba

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